In Memoriam


The following is a list of Members of the New York Press Photographers Association that have passed away according to the records of the NYPPA.


Adams, Eddie - The Associated Press-Retired

Balletti, Jack - UPI-Retired

Buckley, Arthur - Daily News-Retired

Capozzola, Louis John - Photojournalist-Independent

Carlino, Al - New York Post-Retired

Cohen, Ira Robert - Queens Tribune

Cohn, Martin L.- Asbury Park Press-Retired

Cooke, Jerry - Time Inc.-Retired

Cunningham, Tom - Daily News-Retired

Davidson, Donald L.- New Jersey Newsphotos/The Star-Ledger

Engel, Morris - PM Newspaper-Retired

Farrell, Daniel B .- Daily News-Retired

Finn, William - Journal-American

Garrett, James H. - Daily News-Retired

Haberman, Irving - PM Newspaper/WCBS-TV-Retired

Halasy, Donald E.- New York Post

Harris, Harry -The Associated Press-Retired

Hausner, Edward -The New York Times-Retired

Hernandez, Nuredin - New York Post-Retired

Hoffman, Leon - The New York Mirror-Retired

Huminski, Raymond J.- Photojournalist

Hurley, Frank - Daily News-Retired

Jacobellis, William - New York Post-Retired

Joel, Yale - Life Magazine-Retired

Kappock, Eugene - Daily News-Retired

Kanthal, Jack - The Associated Press/Star-Ledger-Retired 

Laird, Robert H.-The Journal American-Retired

Lederhandler, Martin -The Associated Press-New York-Retired

Manning, Jack - The New York Times-Retired

McDarrah, Fred W .- Village Voice Photo Editor

Miller, Herbert - UPI-Retired

Morgan, Fred - Daily News-Retired

Olen, Robert L. - New York Post

Peters, Edmund - Daily News-Retired

Pomerantz, Arty -The New Post-Retired

Pran, Dith -The New York Times

Pucci, Albert - Press Photo Syndicate/New York Daily News-Retired

Racies, Lawrence - Newsreel Service

Rice, Paul -The Journal American-Retired

Rosenberg, Ira - World Journal Tribune

Russo, Frank - Daily News-Retired

Rynders, Gordon J. - Daily News-Retired

Schumach, Paul A. - New York World-Telegram & Sun-Retired

Shamlian, Armen - Armen Photographers

Solby, Robert M. - Robert Solby Photography

Stiso, Edward N. - Newark Evening News-Retired

Sypniewski, Michael - Associated Press

Thusgaard, Carl - Acme

Warman, Morris - New York Herald Tribune-Retired

Wendlinger, Robert I. - Press Photo Syndicate/Daily Mirror-Retired

Wergeles, Ed - Newsweek